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Saving Money– Travel Locally

April 23, 2011

If you decided after reading my last blog post that you need to visit Antarctica in your lifetime, then you better start saving now. But don’t let that discourage you from traveling altogether, there are plenty of local adventures waiting out there for you– for instance, spending the night at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Most programs that the zoo runs are aimed towards families and younger kids but that doesn’t mean that teens and adults wouldn’t have the time of their life there. I slept over with my girls scout troop when I was younger, but I would love to be able to do it again.

The Philly Zoo has an indoor room with tons of historical scenes set up. There are giant dinosaur eggs and a massive treehouse. When I slept there the zoo keepers let us have full reign of the area- I opted to sleep inbetween the tree roots of the tree house.

If this doesn’t sound too adventurous to you, you should know that the zoo is believed to be haunted. Recently Ghost Adventures shot an episode exploring the paranormal activity rumored to be happening at the zoo. Spending the night may seem a whole lot more exciting now.

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