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Visiting ALL of the continents

April 21, 2011

If you are anything like me, one of your goals is to eventually visit and explore all seven continents of the world. North America and South America are easy, Europe is the place to go for American tourists so that’s do able. Most tour companies offer a two or three day trip to Northern Africa while you’re in Southern Europe, so you can kill two birds with one stone there. With Asia’s growing prominence in the world sphere more and more people are making trips to the see the city lights of Tokyo or walking the Great Wall of China. Australia is a little out of the way and costs a ton of money to fly there from the US, but it makes for a great vacation with its beautiful beaches and great snorkeling. That leaves only one elusive continent that is hard to reach– Antarctica.

Photo: Chregu

There are several advised ways to get there, although all of them are costly.

1. Take a cruise. Many big liners have itineraries in the Southern Atlantic that go by Antarctica. Although you never actually get to touch land so I’m not sure this really counts. On smaller cruise ships you can get to land for an hour or so by using zodiacs, which is a little better. This trips tend to start at around $8,000.

2. Take a private expedition. Places like Extreme Adventures will take you through the same trip that original explorers used when they first discovered Antarctica. You will spend up to 18-days exploring the continent and trekking across snow-covered mountains. Sounds great right?  Most trips cost about $57,000. Not so great any more


So those are the advised safe ways to get there. But if I was feeling extra adventurous, I would hop on a plane to Ushuaia, Argentina where most ships leave from to get to Antarctica and try to bum a ride or find a very discounted deals on one of those cruises.

Either way, it looks like its going to be awhile before I make it to all seven continents. I still have Australia left on my list, so I will work on tackling that fist.

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