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Hostels from around the world

March 23, 2011

If you’re travelling on a budget you know that hostels are the place to stay. While most are pretty basic and act simply as a place to crash after a long day of exploring a new city, some hostels around the world are pretty unique. Here is a list of five of the craziest.

Drain Pipe Hostel

Hope you’re not claustrophobic. Dasparkhotel converted several huge drain pipes into pretty nice looking rooms. WIth electricity and a bed what else could you want…except maybe a bathroom

Exploranter- Overland Hotel

If you think sleeping is a waste of time than this hostel if for you. As you sleep the driver takes you through the back roads of Brazil and shows you something off the beaten path.

Capsule Hotel

If the drain pipe hostel looked too small for you, than you probably won’t like the capsule hotels in Japan. They are basically just stacked cubicles that act as your bed.

Jumbo Plane Hostel

Don’t let the picture fool you… this is actually a hostel, not a real plane. This Swedish plane was converted to offers a unique place to stay for tourists.

Tree House Lodge

This isn’t the tree house you made in your back yard. This hotel in Costa Rica offers every little kids dream, located right in the middle of the country’s beautiful rain forest.

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