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Cave tubing in Belize

February 14, 2011

I’ve done some pretty amazing things in my life- slept on the Great Wall of China, went on safari in Africa, even lived on a ship for four months– but nothing compares to cave tubing in Belize. It may not sound like the coolest thing in the world, but this short day trip is something I would do again in a heartbeat.

You start the day off by caring a huge inner-tube on a forty-five minute hike through the rainforest (I found that most adventures, regardless of the country, start with a long walk).

Along the way your guide will point out some of the wildlife that inhabits the land. Our guide even told us some survival tips if you ever get lost in the forest—did you know that eating termites is a great source of protein? I got peer pressured in to trying them, and they don’t taste that bad actually, very mint-y.

 When you finally get to the caves, you plop into your inner-tube, turn on your head-light and let the current drag you deeper and deeper in to the cavern.  There’s something about being underground, in a place that is rarely explored by man that is exhilarating. Take a look at the cave walls and marvel at the designs erosion has created over the thousands of years. Listen to your voice echo and realize you and your group are the only ones around for miles.

 When you finally reach the other end of the cave, the sight of sunlight will lead you towards the opening.

 This trip is relaxing and fun and most definitely a new experience- everything that matters when traveling.

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